Kind words clients say about working with me... 

"Before I started working with Sarah, I felt really hopeless, stressed, and alone. Sure, I had friends who tried to support me, but they didn't truly understand what I was going through and how to best help me. It was difficult for me at the time to even know what I needed for myself, other than I knew that I needed Sarah's help.

As someone who was trying to come out of a controlling and manipulative relationship, I had completely forgotten to ask myself what I wanted, and I didn't know how to set boundaries with other loved ones in my life. Sarah really helped me learn how to prioritize myself and my feelings through this divorce journey. Sometimes I would be too worried about how my decisions would affect others, but she was always invested in my well-being first and taught me how to slowly start doing that myself.

Sarah helped me recognise and name a lot of my emotions and feelings I was going through and just being reassured that it was completely normal helped me move through the divorce quicker than fighting the emotions and just pretending everything is fine.

By the time I finished my coaching with Sarah, I left with feelings of hope, optimism, and a plan on how to rebuild my life on my terms. I would definitely recommend Sarah to anyone who feels misunderstood and alone in the divorce journey. Thank you Sarah for everything you have done to help me through this dark period in my life!"

Ami, New York

"When Sarah first met me I could hardly get out of bed; I couldn’t work at all (I stared at my screen); I couldn’t stop crying; I felt panicky leaving my home; I would scream in pain in the car on country roads on the way home from school drop off and sometimes have to stop the car to vomit by the side of the road as I was so wretched with emotion. I felt so lost and vulnerable, and that recovery was an impossible concept. The world was grey and colourless. 

I was seeing a therapist, but we were constantly digging up and revisiting my behaviour patterns - useful but I didn’t feel like I was walking into my future with these therapy sessions but revisiting the pain. I realised I needed to start building my future. I needed to learn how to survive without crying every day.

I knew I needed to find a way to start living for me but also for my 4 children as quickly as I could. I knew Sarah understood just how excruciating that pain is, and I felt only she could help me. So, I reached out. And I’m so glad I did. It only took me 6 months not only to be surviving but to be living my best life! 

I started to really live! I started to make the most of my life. I discovered who I am and what I want out of life and started to live that way. There was some lag time which was lonely and uncomfortable but now my life is so full. 

I realised I was in charge of my own happiness. No one was going to give that to me even the best relationship in the world. I realised my happiness was my responsibility. Thanks to Sarah I made a decision to be happy and I work at it - with gratitude; with kindness and compassion and I give out to the world.

Sarah is really personable and easy to talk to. I was comfortable crying and exploring my feelings. She was very patient and non-judgemental, yet without realising it she was using tools and giving me strategies to build me up. It always felt like we were going at my pace, and I trusted her and the process."

Celia, Sussex

"Before I started working with Sarah, I was feeling depressed, lacked confidence, and was dealing with anxiety whilst going through one of the worst stages in my life.  I was struggling with having to deal with life on my own & I was worried about how I was going to get to a place of happiness again. 

My biggest challenge was being confident enough to make the changes I wanted to make. Since working with Sarah my trust and openness has completely changed and everything, I always wanted to achieve, I have (and still going!) I have noticed huge changes in my life and my family and friends have seen how much I have grown since working with Sarah.

The biggest difference in my life has been being confident in myself and being able to achieve all my goals independently.

Sarah really helped me to see my full potential and supported my growth each step of the way. She helped me get clear on my goals, my confidence and helped me learn important tools to diffuse triggers that would cause me to be anxious. 

I think coaching is one of the most important tools to use during difficult times and different stages of your life. I know before I started coaching that it was ‚Äėtaboo‚Äô to ask for help and now looking back it was one of the best decisions I made. Having a sounding board when going through different situations in your life is so helpful and makes the challenges that you face much easier to deal with and learn from.¬†

I would recommend coaching as it has completely transformed my life and I have relayed this to other people who are now in coaching too! 

Sarah has been an amazing support system for me in the last two years and I cannot thank her enough for her help and guidance throughout"

Georgia, Essex

"Before I started working with Sarah, I was feeling lost having just gone through a breakup and struggling with self-confidence. Having someone who not only guided me through the breakup, sign posting the stages of grief, but also helped me to refocus on what makes me happy was the biggest positive of the whole situation. I feel like I couldn’t have done it without her.

At the time it felt like my life was falling apart, being single after so long felt like I’d failed. Having weekly catch ups with Sarah meant I could take things slowly whilst in survival mode after the breakup. It’s also invaluable to have someone who isn’t judgemental and can listen. It felt like having another friend on your side but with the experience you could lean on. 

It’s now 6 months later and I not only feel thankful I got through each day, I feel like the best version of myself and can find the gratitude in feeling like I can get through anything. 

Sarah has not only built me back up but reinvigorated me to feel empowered. I’d recommend this to anyone, the importance of knowing what makes you happy both in and out of a relationship means I will never settle or live anything other than the happiest version of life."

Beth, London

"I am so pleased that I decided to work with Sarah and have made a lot of progress towards creating a new and exciting future.

I had been having weekly therapy which had helped me process my emotions, but I felt ‚Äėstuck‚Äô. I wanted to move forward rather than keep thinking about all the sadness. I lacked confidence and at times felt like there was no hope for life after divorce.¬†

The first thing that Sarah coached me through was booking a holiday that I had been putting off for months, it was a real turning point for me. We have worked on finding a new sense of purpose using tools that highlight my strengths and helped me realise that I’d like to enrol in a training course to open up new career options. I found all the positive psychology work really helpful in improving my wellbeing and regaining my sense of self.

I absolutely recommend working with Sarah as she can really help you get things in perspective and reignite your zest for life. She is warm and very easy to talk too, I feel so positive and inspired after our sessions."

Rachel, Sussex

"Before I started working with Sarah, I was feeling really overwhelmed, I was worried about the state of my marriage and whether I should leave or face up to working on our issues. My biggest challenge was our inability to communicate, I did not feel listened to, I had no one to talk to about my worries.

I am pleased I found Sarah and decided to book a series of coaching sessions, having access to Voxer really helped, knowing I had someone I could talk to in the moment and explain how I was feeling, I felt less alone. A series of big arguments had really knocked my confidence and I was not sure what to do, Sarah was there to listen when I needed her.

Sarah reassured me that I could leave if I wanted to, but she also helped me navigate ways to stay as well, I was able to get clearer on my feelings.

I do feel now that if I decide to leave my marriage, I can, but I have also learnt to communicate better and not just look after everyone else. I am taking my time to reflect and see how I feel.

I’d absolutely recommend some coaching sessions with Sarah if you need help understanding where you are with your relationship and want to explore your options."

Michelle, Bucks

"Before I came across Sarah I was struggling to make sense of how I was feeling about my marriage. I knew things had to change but with three children, I didn't know where to start. Sarah really helped me to get clear and make sense of how I actually felt. It was amazing to have someone neutral to talk things through with, especially someone with the training and experience Sarah has. 

She helped me prepare for difficult conversations so I could articulate clearly how I was feeling to my family.

One of the biggest benefits of having Sarah as my coach was having her there to advise me when difficult situations or conversations came up. She was always on hand to help me navigate what was acceptable and what wasn’t so that I had the strength to get through them. 

I would definitely recommend having a coach at this difficult time. Especially one who is as empathetic and supportive as Sarah. I wouldn’t have got to the place of inner peace I have now without her support."

Tamara, Belfast

"Before I started working with Sarah, my biggest challenge was dealing with the separation from my abusive husband and regaining my self-confidence to start a completely new life. It was a hugely traumatic time for me which involved a harrowing legal process which ensured mine and my children’s safety.

Sarah exudes kindness and warmth and complete understanding without judgement. She was exactly the right person I felt I could trust with details of my personal life and issues. She gave me a sense of empowerment right from the first session, which, having been in the grips of a controlling narcissist for over 9 years, was exactly what I needed.

I felt completely overwhelmed with what I was dealing with, and although my friends and family were hugely supportive and loving, they did not always support me in the way that I needed them to. Sarah really helped me find the way to express my voice in these situations and be heard. My relationships with loved ones are much more authentic and beautiful thanks to my confidence in expressing myself clearly especially when it comes to boundaries.

When I faced the court case with my ex, Sarah gave me huge strength and some tools which were invaluable so I could be the best I could be for this alien and terrifying situation.

Sarah really helped me to love and accept myself truly and deeply (which was quite challenging at first) and have the confidence to deal with any hurdle I had to face with strength and courage. 

Even between sessions she was there for me for both difficult and more lovely moments cheering me on, and I felt I could contact her if I needed to which was invaluable at the time.

Sarah’s extensive knowledge of narcissists helped me realise what my ex had done to my confidence. This helped me forgive myself for staying with him for so long and find the joy in being me again.

The biggest difference in my life now is the way I see myself and my abilities. The sessions really empowered me to tackle challenges with confidence and ease. Sarah gets straight to the route of the negative inner voice and weeds it out with specific cognitive re- programming tools.

I’d highly recommend Sarah coaching sessions if you want help with any issues in your life from building your self-confidence, discovering your true self, getting over a toxic relationship to unearthing your talents and abilities and using them in for your career."

Claire, Dorset

"I was at my lowest after leaving an abusive relationship after 21 years.

My in-laws and friends dropped me as I left. I was very alone.

I am a therapist myself and Sarah did some very important things: 

Sarah asked me what I wanted! 

Sarah listened to me!

Sarah shared her story which was so helpful to me.

When you go through grief and divorce no one can possibly understand. Sarah did. 

She got me through with her gentle kindness.

She gave me tips to help move forward and know what I wanted! 

Thank You Sarah. You were a lifeline for me."

Kate, Berkshire

"When I met Sarah I was at my wits end trying to cope with my recent separation, impending divorce and associated financial negotiations. During our first meeting, I cried the whole way through, but I instantly felt a connection with Sarah, she totally understood what I was going through.

Over the course of our meetings, she has given me a number of coping strategies and advice about dealing with my ex. In the middle of the night when my mind was spirally out of control, I would hear her say to me, get up and go and do something different.

I cannot recommend Sarah’s advice and guidance highly enough. The last few months have been the most traumatic of my life and she has helped me cope and come out the other side. I am now looking forward to a new job, new house, and a new life. It’s not the one I was expecting but I know that it will be a good one, it’s up to me to make it happen.

If you are going through a divorce, it‚Äôs one of life‚Äôs most stressful event and I‚Äôd thoroughly recommend talking to Sarah. She puts everything in perspective and shows you how to make a negative experience have a positive outcome.‚ÄĚ

Lindsay, Oxfordshire


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