Getting the foundations in place.

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2023

I love nothing more than being out in nature photographing wildlife.

It's my passion.

One that I didn't discover until after my divorce.

But whilst I will happily sit for hours on end watching wildlife, trying to get the prefect shot.

When it comes to organising and editing my photos - well let's just say "I could do better"

I can never really show anyone my photos because they're all over the place on different hard drives and I haven't edited them.

But 6 months ago I decided to change that.

I'd had enough being stuck with my photos, not knowing where to start.

I've hired an expert to teach me how to edit my photos as I have no idea where to begin with that.

And I've spent hours going through all the various hard drives and getting the thousands of photos in one place.

I've catalogued them all by trip so I can easily find what I'm looking for.

And that feels great!

I've put the foundations in place now so I can start progressing.

So that eventually I can build a website to showcase my photos on.

But without getting the foundations in place, this would never be possible.

And this is exactly what I do with my clients when they first come to me.

We put the foundations in place for your healing, so you can then start moving on with your life.

Firstly I help you to take your control back and EMPOWER you with tools from Positive Psychology so that you have your own toolkit which will help you to quickly shift your mood and avoid the dark moments.

Next I help you to build up your RESILIENCE AND RELEASE all the negative thoughts that keep you trapped in the past so that you can build the new life you deserve.

This is a deep clean for your mind and it's crucial to be able to move on and find happiness again.

And then once you have these foundations in place,

I help you to REDISCOVER THE REAL YOU – This is you mark II.

And this is when you're ready to leave the past behind and start focusing on your future.

So that you're ready to claim your big new life!

If you're ready to get the foundations in place for your healing after your breakup, then you can book a free chat using the link below to find out how my coaching program could support you.


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