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Sarah Woodward - The Divorce Coach for Women

Supporting you in the early stages of divorce to get unstuck, let go of destructive thoughts and to rediscover who you are so that you can feel happier and stronger than ever before.

I help women to move forward positively during and after breakup and divorce.

Through coaching and the use of step by step strategies I help you to move through the process quicker than you would do on your own.

I teach you how to dial down all the negative emotions that are inevitable during this time, so that you can move on with your life and let go of the past.

I help you to rediscover who you are outside of your relationship and gain clarity on what you want your future to look like and the steps you need to take to achieve it.

I'm known for my warm, caring and non judgemental approach and am proof that you can move on to have a great life, albeit different to the one that you had previously planned.



Take the first step of moving on today, let's chat


Of course this process is not an overnight fix, but like most difficult things in life, once you've started the journey, things will gradually start to improve for you.


I can support you in the following areas:

  • To decide if your relationship really is over or whether it can be saved, so that if you do decide to leave, you can do so with no regrets.
  • To move through the process quicker than you could do on your own.
  • To support you through all the emotional and practical challenges of your breakup.
  • To cope with all the negative emotions such as heartbreak, betrayal, despair, anger, failure and guilt so that they don't consume you all the time.
  • To empower you to take back control of the situation.
  • To build up your resilience so you can cope better in your every day life.
  • To increase your confidence and self-esteem.
  • To gain clarity on your situation and what you want.
  • To devise strategies on how to deal with your ex.
  • To decide how best to parent with your ex and support your children.
  • To create a future that you are excited to live again.
Take the first step of moving on today, let's chat

"Before my session with Sarah I had such a busy head that was weighing me down. In the session I was really able to get everything out and that process of speaking things out loud really helped give me clarity. Sarah was then able to coach me to find solutions on how to move forward, which was invaluable." E, High Wycombe

Sarah has helped me greatly, just learning to open up and discuss things through with her has made me understand myself more and the situations and cycles I am drawn to. The support and help she has given me with coaching homework, advice and just someone to listen without judgement has been so valuable. Sarah is warm, compassionate and approachable." S, Leeds

"Sarah is warm and kind which made it so easy to open up to her.  She helped me look at my situation and realise the enormity of it, to slow down, breakdown some boundaries and look at everything with a fresh perspective.

Coaching sessions are helping me to get back on track and start to plant seeds for my future. I highly recommend sessions with Sarah, she’s completely impartial while feeling like you’re talking to an old friend and I look forward to each session I have with her."  S, Birmingham




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